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Welcome to the Play By Email
(PBeM) Emporium

The Emporium is a free service for the board gamer who either doesn't have a lot of time to play face to face or who would like to add a new dimension to gaming.

So, what is PBeMing, anyway?

Ask somebody what PBeM means and you'll likely get 4 or 5 answers... "It's a computer game that sends turns back and forth, like Steel Panthers (SSI)", or "It's a web-based form of playing a multiplayer conflict game", or "It's how we send our Diplomacy (AH/Hasbro) moves back and forth"... possibly there are a few more.   PBeM, as I (me, the webmaster of this site) sees it, is a form of playing a conflict simulation game, primarily but not necessarily originally in board game format, using certain utilities that simulate the gaming experience.  These utilities are usually Aide De Camp I and II, Cyberboard, Electronic Cardboard, Strategic Map Simulator, VMAP and some others.  Even though I own most if not all of these tools, the casual observer might complain that I develop stuff in Cyberboard predominantly.  Guilty as charged.  This is because I'm comfortable with it, and does not reflect a product recommendation one way or the other.  Hey, I'm lazy, okay? 

Because there are a few excellent sites supporting VMAP, Cyberboard, and Aide De Camp (among others), I won't replicate their work here by hosting their files twice, except in certain rare cases, like them asking me too.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, click on the Basics link above in the menu bar.  Basics is a list of what you will need to get started in PBeM Style gaming. 

The Emporium will attempt provide modules for PBeM gaming, for no fee or commercial consideration.  I get an amazing amount of offers to links this site to some "click-thru" service where I'll "rake in the bucks" from all the people who come here.   All those promises of quick money are tempting, of course, but I refuse to do this, as it will jeapordize my integrity foremost, and secondly might be defined as making a profit from somebody else's intellectual property.    This service is provided as a contribution to the hobby.  The Emporium will also try to maintain resources for module developers, so that their job becomes easier.  This site attempts to achieve a lot of objectives, so please don't be disappointed if your particular one isn't addressed in a timely fashion. This is a one man band operation, executed in that vanishingly small sliver of time I call "Spare." I'll get to everything eventually.

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Principle* PBeM Construction/Play Utilities Available:

Aide De Camp II Support Cyberboard
        Home Page
Projects In Work
        Cardboard Distribution Site Strategic
        Map Simulator Download Page VMAP Home Page

The QUB: the
        Q Universal Boardgame

        (J_VMAP) home page

Warplanner Home Page

Hank Burkhalter's excellent
        PBeM Utilities page

Sean Emerson's
        Wargame ProcessorModules

Color Key: Light Navy = Commercial Product. Light Blue = Shareware Fee charged.  
Light Green = Freeware Product.  Light Grey = Unknown.
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The Following PBeM Utility is no longer supported, but will remain on this site for the near future, along with downloadable source code.

        GUB (Generic
        Universal Boardgame) Java Interface home page

* These products have all had major updates/patches in the last year, indicating they are still supported-- hence their inclusion in this list.

What?? You haven't had enough?   Then surf on over to Yankee Air Pirates!

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NOTE! See the Restricted Distribution Policy Page before requesting a Restricted Module

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Copyright © Walter O'Hara. 1999, Play By Email Emporium. All rights reserved. 

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