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Thoth is something entirely new that the designer of the excellent HOPLITEScomputer card version of GMT's Great Battles of History has come up with.  His name is Gottardo Zancani but prefers the sobriquet ZAK.  Zak is Italiano, and spends too much time being awake (in my US EST time zone) working on projects he does for nothing but satisfaction.  An impressive fellow.  This page is dedicated to supporting Thoth in all shapes and forms, by posting new card deck projects created by gamers, players' own Thoth sites, or more information as it becomes available from Zak.

Thoth came about from some innocent commentary on the CONSIMWORLD Discussion board, in the computer games section.  Someone (who shall remain nameless) mused that Hoplites would make a great basis for a software engine that could have custom  card decks in it for use with PBeM.  Zak rapidly picked up that ball and ran with it.  The results are the new Thoth engine.  Thoth is still in development and Zak actively seeks constructive feedback via email.. so go to the site, download it, and put the program through its paces. 

I only have a link to Zak's page now, but hope to have a deck made sometime in the months to come.  Click on the Thoth Splash page to see Thoth at work.


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THOTH Module

Thoth Home Page NEW version out! Thoth

THOTH Module

Antique Cards
Experimental Card Deck (only royals and Joker) I built to test Thoth with.  Not really functional as a card deck but something to play with.
  • Walt O'Hara

THOTH Module

Zoom und Zorch
A Nonsense Card Game of my own design.  Play is fast and furious.  Thoth file comes with card graphics, a zoomzorch Thoth setup file (text), and a desktop graphic for four person play.  Here's a screenshot, demonstrating some of the cards in play.
Rules in English
Rules in German
  • game and Thoth Module by Walt O'Hara

THOTH Module

Ancient Generals
This is a great card game, similar in THEME to Zak's HOPLITES. AG was designed by the prolific and generous Lloyd Krassner, and is provided for FREE on his "Warpspawn Games" Website.  Here's a screenshot, demonstrating some of the cards in play.



  • Thoth Module by Walt O'Hara
  • Game by Lloyd Krassner