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Wargame Processor (From the Author's Description)

The War game Processor does for Board War gamers what the word processor did for secretaries! Your favorite wargame can be played on computer, using a user friendly graphic interface. Positions can be saved to disk, as well as detailed histories of where each unit moved in the previous turn or phase. These can be sent e-mail to your opponent, who will be able to replay the turn, even seeing your comments as play unfolds! Or maybe your opponent doesn't have the program? That's okay, because the War game Processor can generate plain English turn summaries in text form! All you do is make your moves. That means you can dispense with the reams of paperwork involved with play by mail and do what you came to do in the first place: Play wargames!

Your game will be played on the screen, with a scrolling mapboard big enough to handle most popular games. Even the super-monster boardgames like the Europa series can use the War game Processor, if you have enough memory! Units are moved by simply double-clicking on a stack, or you may select individual units from within a stack, then double clicking on their destination! Hex by hex movement may be recorded by single clicking on interim points along the way! At any time, you can write a comment, clarification, description or just plain witticism which will appear when your opponent replays your moves!

The War game Processor also comes with an intuitive, easy to use editor, which allows you to generate modules for any game you like! YOU draw the map, YOU decide what terrain features look like, YOU create the units. The editor features an easy point-and click interface for laying down hex images and drawing map details. Units can be assigned individual names and 6 numeric values, and their visual representation is limited only by your artistic ability! Built in graphics editing tools allow you to draw new hexes and units. Graphics may be exported to standard windows bitmaps, allowing you to do additional editing using your favorite paint program!

NOTE: Go to the Wargame Processor Download Site to get the main PBeM Engine.  Note; This is a SHAREWARE program.  Please compensate Sean Emerson for his hard work and creativity.

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Introductory FREE wargame!  GDW's BATTLE FOR MOSCOW is available on the web for free.
Here is the WGP module (this should be in your WGP main download, too).

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all other [links] are sites here and there on the web that
support the game listed in Bold face type.  The focus of the
extra links will be any PBeM information, screenshots or errata.
for more esoteric game information, visit Web Grognards.


1776 [text] [PBeM replay] [list of PBeM players]
Afrika Korps[text] [screenshot] [PBeM game]
Advanced Third Reich[text] [screenshot] [website] [list of PBeM players] [website]
Battle of the Bulge(AH 1981 edition) [text] [PBeM Aide] [screenshots]
Bitter Woods [text] [BPA Website] [screenshots]
Breakout: Normandy[text] [screenshot] [PBeM Ladder]
D-Day(AH Classic) [text] [errata] [screenshot]
Empire of the Rising Sun[text] [list of PBeM players] [Ultra]
Fortress Europa[text] [errata 1] [errata 2]
France, 1940[text]
Frederick the Great(in Japanese!) [text] [errata] [screenshot]
The Guns of August[text] [errata]
Global War(A3R combined with EoRS)  [text] [list of PBeM players] [Ultra] [website]
Longest Day(expanded scenarios) [text] [replay] [strategy] [errata] [replay 2] [errata 2]
NATO: the Next War in Europe[text] [errata] [screenshot]
The Russian Campaign [text] [list of PBeM players]  [PBeM replay]
The Russian Campaign(Alternative Version) [text] [screenshots]
  Squad Leader(Scenario 4: Hedgehog @ Piepsk) [text] [screenshot] [website] (<-- links to others)
Starship Troopers(old version) [text] [website] [variant]
Storm Over Arnhem[text] [PBeM replay] [screenshots]
UPDATED FILE Third Reich, 4th edition[text] [PBM Rules] [list of PBeM players] [website]
Victory in the Pacific[text]   [screenshot]   [PBeM replay]
War and Peace  [text] [screenshot] [list of PBeM players] [PBeM replay] [website]
War At Sea [text] [screenshot] [PBeM replay] [PBeM Ladder]


1941 [text] [<-- text file contains review of game]
Bar-Lev [text]
Red Star, White Eagle [text]

GMT Inc.

[Tigers in the Mist ] [Errata (GMT Site)] [preview] [replay] [review] [errata] [rules revisions] [introductory scenario] [discussion] [replay] [rules (PDF file)] [errata and Q&A (Word file)] [review] [replay] [variant] [replay]


EPOC games, Japanese Only - To order, contact Masamichi Sogabe

Battle of the Bulge
Barbarossa, Minsk'41[text] [screenshots]
DAK in the desert[text] [screenshots]
Rise and Decline of the Imperial Japan[text] [screenshots]
The Russo-Japanese War[text] [screenshots]

Self Published

[Japanese Only - To order, contact baron@muh.biglobe.ne.jp]

Japanese Task Force [text

TSR, SPI and TSR/SPI [Encompasses S&T issue games]

Arnhem (from Westwall Quad) [text] [errata] [replay]
Divine Right
Blue and Grey I (2 of the TSR Quad - Cemetary Hill and Antietam) [website]
Global War [errata] [replay]
Napoleon at Marengo[text] [errata]  [S
Panzergruppe Guderian - [article index] [errata] [zine] [errata] [strategy] [variant] [play aide]
Punic Wars (S & T #53) [text]
Revolt in the East[text] [screenshot]
Sorcerer [text]


East Front[text] (New Version 2.0) [website] [replay]


Rivets (Metagaming) [text] [website] [website Rivets is at the bottom of the page]
When Eagles Fight (XTR)

Those items listed with inactive links have a game module but I either don't have it or will receive this soon.