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This section contains helpful bits, commentary, How-tos and tips written up in HTML or Text format.  If you would like to contribute or have an appropriate link, please contact me.

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  1. Contrasting and Comparing PBeM Aids by Melvin Williams
  2. The Quick and Dirty on how to Create a VMAP file by Todd Zircher
  3. Simultaneous Movement Procedures using Cyberboard
  4. How to play Diplomacy Using Cyberboard
  5. Designers Respond to Richard Hogen's recent comparison essay (outdated, but interesting still)
  6. Cyberboard Tutorial 1: "How to play a PBeM game using Cyberboard"
  7. The Basics: What you will need (and can get for free) to get started
  8. Ten Commandments: Ten Commandments of PBM Play (Dan Roper, On the WGP site)
  9. Alternative PBeM Methods: Using Networking software available to just about anybody
  10. Cyberboard Tutorial 2: "How to play a MULTIPLAYER PBeM game using Cyberboard"
  11. Greg Lindahl's PBM FAQ: From his PBM.COM site... excellent, geared towards RPG postal games but much is applicable for PBeM.
  12. "An Overview of the QUB"  by Stephan Beal, creator of the GUB and the QUB.



I (me, Walt O'Hara) am working on a comprehensive first draft called "How to Create Gameboxes in Cyberboard".  This is part of a larger project called "Cyberboard Open Documentation Project"  This will eventually come togther with the "How to play a PBeM game using Cyberboard Tutorial (#6 above) to provide some comprehensive online documentation for Cyberboard.  Work is proceeding slowly... because there is so much to do.  You can help me!  I need volunteers that are willing to write to an outline that I will provide.  Please contact me at for details.  Thanks!

Proposed OUTLINE.


Elements of the Program: Cyberboard Designer and Player

The "Boxed Game" design paradigm

Elements of a Game   (I've got to here written)

How to make Gameboxes

Menu Overview

A General Procedure Creating gameboxes

Box Creation


Tilesets for Counters

Tilesets for Terrain

Tilesets for Markers


Creating a Multilevel Map from scratch

Using Scanned Objects for maps

Tips for Creating Gameboxes


How to PLAY Games using Cyberboard

Tutorial 6 follows

Tutorial 10 follows