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The FREE Net Games Page

This is a section I've wanted to put up for a long time.  They say that in the heart of every wargamer lurkes a designer.  The amount of absolutely, totally FREE games available on the Net these days seems to bear out that theory nicely.  Here are play by email modules for FREE games, with rules included.  So you have not excuse not to play except lack of time!

My own free fantasy wargame, Itty Bitty Battles, is part of a group of games "published" via the Microgame Design Contest (under the aegis of the Microgames List on ONELIST).  Included in this lot are Glider Pit Gladiators and The Shining, which are included here.    Pokke, the creator of gameboxes for Rob Markham's Montcalm and Wolfe and Vae Victis' Champs de Battaile, also created one for an old public domain game called Kriegspiel that is worth a look.

Box Art

Title/Link Created In: Gamebox/Gameset By:

A Small Tussle in IBB

Itty Bitty Battles game file  (Cyberboard)

Itty Bitty Battles game file (SMS)

Itty Bitty Battles Rules (PDF, zipped)


Cyberboard, SMS

A tactical wargame involving small units of < 50 fantasy beings each.  Rules include spells, combat, sieges, and even Design Your Own! 

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Queen Victoria's Navy

PBeM Support Page

Bone Games' Public Beta version of their game of Tactical Naval Combat set in the Victorian Era.  Done in Cyberboard.

Generic Rennaissance Naval Gamebox.   

(this is a beauty, check out the screenshot demonstrating features)


A cyberboard version of a DBR-Style miniatures game available on the Net, HERE.

  • Victor Pocilujko

Generic South Pacific Gamebox and Naval Gaming Page Cyberboard (set is meant to facilitate naval miniatures wargaming)
  • Pat Collins

Glider Pit Gladiatorsgamebox

Glider Pit Gladiators Rules (PDF)  




A cyberboard version of one of the Microgame Design Contest entries.   Gladiator fights gladiator.. on the wing.

The Shininggamebox

The Shining Rules (PDF)




A cyberboard version of one of the Microgame Design Contest entries.  Game based upon the popular novel of the same name.

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Ancients (3W) Play Aid Page
Site now contains the ENTIRE GAME, rules, charts, counters and maps! Courtesy of OSS games!

Two new cyberboard modules are available based upon this free version of Ancients:

1) Alejandro Cobo's version
2) George Manousakis' version
(you will need to use WinRAR to unarchive George's box... it's 13.8 MB...but worth it!)

"one of the best bargains in gaming today.  Is there a nicer word than 'free'?" -- Walt O'Hara

  • Mike Nagel 's version is in Cyberboard (based on 3W boardgame version), assorted other utilities/playaids, new scenarios, more.  Mike put a huge amount of effort into this site
  • Kriegspiel Pokke's Kriegspiel Game
    (bottom of his Cyberboard page)

    Download Rules & Gamebox




    A PBeM version of a public domain game "found in an old French book" by Pokke.  Simple, abstract, but very challenging.

    • Designer
      Public Domain
    • Gamebox by Pokke

    Waving Hands





    A PBeM version of a freebie game posted on the Game Cabinet Website. Simple, funny, a blast.

    • Designer
      Richard Bartle
    • Gamebox by Walt O'Hara
    Libertad O

    Muerta! "The International Brigade" of Wargame Design Presents: A Free Spanish Civil War Tactical Game, Libertad o Muerta!

    Visit the Playtest Site at EGROUPS




    A PBeM Game of Spanish Civil War conflict.  The game is collaborative and still in development.  Sign up for the playtest team today!

    • Design Caudillo
      Jesus Serrano
      & the International Brigade
    • Gamebox by Walt O'Hara

    The 1866 Italian

    War of Independence

    The Battle of Bezzecca

    Gamebox and Rules



    Roberto Chiavini's excellent new design (still in work) on the 1866 campaign in the War for Italian Independence.

    • Roberto Chiavini

    Order Starmada today!  Only  $10.36





    Introductory game of Space combat.  The Majestic 12 Games Starmada website provides introductory rules for free.   Gamebox comes with all the charts you will need and a sample game.

    • Jeffrey Schutt

    Operation Veritable




    Free Microgame Design Group game by Paul Rohrbaugh, using "Blaze of Steel" system. 

    Click HERE for the Rules.

    • Walt O'Hara

    Battle Platform Antilles

    PBeM Support Page


    Check out the LATEST VERSION of this gamebox


    Free New Science Fiction Microgame by Dan Verssen

    Click HERE To visit the new "Battleplay" website.

    • Walt O'Hara
    • Alvin Helms (newer version)






    Free New Insect Combat Game By Trevor Blake.  NOT the FMG/Phil Eklund design

    Click HERE To visit the Insectica Home Page & download the game.

    • Alejandro Cobo




    The Perfect Captain
    Presents: Spanish Fury- SIEGE!

    PBeM Support Page


    Free new game of 16th Century Siege Warfare

    Click HERE To visit the The Perfect Captain's Home Page & download the game.

    • Walt O'Hara

    Espinosa, the Free NBS game from the Gamers, in both ADC AND Cyberboard


    Freely distributed playtest NBS game from the Gamers
    PBeM Support Page

    & ADC2

    Napoloeonic Brigade Section

    Click HERE To visit the The NBS section of the Gamer's website
    *free rules... free charts... free errata*

    • Walt O'Hara

    This page copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 Walter O'Hara