The Emporium Replay Page

Or, where to go to see people who play worse than you do!

Welcome to the Emporium Replay Page. I will be presenting completed games here as a zipped, downloadable  file for your viewing pleasure. I'm offering this service in the hopes that perhaps if you view the mistakes and bumblings of others, you will have an easier time learning to use the utilities that the Emporium supports when you attempt a game yourself. Also, it's fun to read the creative curses I come up with when I'm getting waxed by an assortment of players.


To actually view the files, you will need to have a few items checked off:

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Without further ado,


Game Description Players Outcome Comments
Olympica1 It's Crying Time Again on the Plains of Mars. Mark Johnson vs. Walt O'Hara Victor: Mark Johnson SEE! Shameless rules lawyering. SEE! Walt whine as he misinterperts another rule!  See!  The Webbie player totally outclassed!
Olympica 2 We're the U.N. We came to kick some ass and chew bubble gum... and we're alllll out of bubble gum. Mark Johnson vs. Walt O'Hara Victor: Walt O'Hara Mark Johnson shows Walt how to handle the Webbie side and delivers a seriously well planned defense... Walt wins a minor victory by a nosehair.
Czechoslovakia 1938 What if....? Chris Fawcett vs. Phil Jones   Requires Czechoslovakia 38 gamebox, available (email only) w/. Statement, from Chris Fawcett.
new.gif (1545 bytes)Black Hole Visual Replay Page!

With pictures, man!

Metagaming's zippy "donut shaped asteroid" game.  Lots of fun! Joe Hartley vs.
Walt O'Hara
Victor: Walt O'Hara Requires Black Hole Gamebox (available in the Metagaming section, and the Gamefile avail. on the page linked here.

Soon to be added: the CotS replay.  A Fire When Ready game (the Dewey Fights Again scenario) is just kicking off.  Possibly Gettysburg in the near future.  Send me your replay files as they become available.