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Useful Net Resources for the PBeM Gamer

The Maverick's Microgame Museum (Contains an excellent visual retrospective of Micro boxcovers.. virtually ALL of them.. I use this site as a source for boxcover art)

Web-Grognards (the big kahuna!) (THE place to go for boardgames of all kinds, some micro support-- great site for ADC files, various quirky PBeM files/utilities/variants, etc.)

John Kranz runs CONSIMWORLD, a conflict simulation discussion board that is useful for all sorts of gaming styles, including PBeMing. 

Eric Pass' Home Page is a source for a listing of PBeM gamers, specifically of historical board wargames.  Eric has done a lot for the hobby of PBeMing, especially supporting Squad Leader.

Richard Fluck's Home Page is a fantastic source for wargamers interested in PBeM games.  Richard did the gameboxes for Red Line Korea, Greenline Chechnya, Empire I, the ADC set for Crisis 2000 (available also on the OSS homepage), and some ADC sets that I can't distribute for copyright reasons.  Richard also has provided an invaluable service to the hobby by providing online translations of the games included in the French wargame magazine Vae Victis.  Somewhere in there, he finds time to be a doctor...

Chris Camfield's Games Page is a great source for his homegrown variants, errata, comments, and strategies for small format games. The Dwarfstar coverage on this site is particularly good. (NOTE: Chris' site appears to either be down or moved)

Joe Hartley's Fantasy Trip page supports a TFT mailing list and Several modules for Fantasy Trip programmed adventures.

Ty Beard's detailed Fantasy Trip page has extensive coverage of TFT on it

Microgame Headquarters Extensive work-- a database of all known microgames in print and out.  A useful FAQ and instructions on how to subscribe to the Microgame Mailing List.  The work of Mark Johnson, microgame enthusiast and occassional opponent.

Microgame Co-op Microgames aren't dead-- they just have made the transformation to DTP!  A commerical site that sells their own designs.

Publications and Publishers

The Vindicator is a journal of F/SF gaming that caters to the micro lover in all of us.   Subscribe today!  The journal has recently been sold again, to Madhouse publishing, to be combined with Fractal Dimension.  Unfortunately, the rights to VINDICATOR have been sold, AGAIN, by Madhouse this time. It doesn't look good for this excellent zine ever to resruface. Do yourself a favor and buy the back issues while you still can.

PBEM is an electronic zine dedicated to the art of PBeM gaming, edited by Greg Lindahl.

The PBeM List is a list of "all known PBM games" maintained by Greg Lindahl of PBEM ezine fame.  These are a mix of commercial, postal games and freebies, so take it with a grain of salt.

Irony Games' The PBeM News is a good ezine style intro to the hobby of PBeM gaming for both board wargaming and RPGs.   They also make many fine free utilities for free usage on their website (see their die roller link above).

  One Small Step publishes Competitive Edge magazine, which I look upon as one of the vehicles for the rebirth of microgames. 

  Fat Messiah Games publishes three fine micros (Last Frontier, Shapeshifters, and Insecta).  Variants, scenarios and commentary on their site.

  publishes freebie games in Adobe Acrobat format.  Highly recommended. Bonegames publishes QUEEN VICTORIA'S NAVY as a commercial microgame product. I'm currently at work at revising the gamebox for same.

  Guy McLimore has started up , which is positioning itself to be the successor to The Fantasy Trip, which Guy was an editor for in a previous life with Metagaming.  Click on the link to download a free copy in PDF format.  Also, try the sample Village on the Cheep at this link:

The Game Report is an e-zine dedicated to Industry Chatter.

PBEM Utilities

This is a French company that cropped up recently, offering shareware game-specific play aids.  Check out their Operation Konrad Demo.   Their new 1942:Campaign for Malaya is available for download, too.
Hank Burkhalter's Homegrown PBeM utilities pages ("Mr. Roll-Tide" has written his own, game-specific utilities for not-so-micro games like Bull Run, 1776, Rommel in the Desert, etc.  Well worth a look... in fact, take a look, by clicking on some of these titles).   
Electronic Cardboard (shareware electronic PBeM aid, like CB and V_Map).  Designer is Richard Hogen, shareware fee is $20.00 US (reduced recently).  Comes in 32 bit for W95 or NT.  Program ships with Warpwar board and counters.  Sadly, Richard has had to withdraw his excellent WARPWAR site due to protests from Steve Jackson.  He also has removed his essays comparing EC to Cyberboard, VMAP, et. al.  The EC Site contains "bitmap sets" (equivelant to gamesets/boxes) for RISK and Chess.  Also contains the following links for EC users:
  1. The Officer's Club A European Kriegspiel club (site is partially in German).  I couldn't see where they use EC, but this does look like a pretty nifty PBeM organization.
  2. Neil's PBeM Game Page. Links to bitmap sets for Axis and Allies, Conquest of the Empire, Fortress America and Shogun.   Click on the titles to see screen shots.
  3. The Battletech Space Port.  Bitmap sets and PBeM support for Battletech.

Assist (another shareware electronic PBeM aid, like CB and V_Map).  Produced by Redshift Games, the shareware fee is $30.00 US.  Comes in three modular parts: Game Editor, Map Editor, and Unit Editor.   Some gamesets are supposedly included with the registered version, I don't know which. 

  1. The Assist Modules Page has Assist modules for World in Flames and Axis and Allies.

The Strategic Map Simulator Page has a download of Strategic Map Simulator, a shareware product that works in a similar fashion to VMAP. Very nice looking application; not very much in the way of gameset support at this time.  Warning, this is a shareware product, for a fee of $10.  Click here for screenshots of a very familiar looking wargame, a RPG idea, and the SMS editor.

NOTE: SMS can utilize VMAP map and counter files. Simply import the map graphic file (usually a BMP), and then the counter set. You will have to specify the number of rows and columns in the counter set graphic. I easily created SMS sets for OGRE, GEV, Chitin and Rivets using VMAP files. It took about ten minutes a piece.

Shawn Emerson's Wargame Processor is the new kid on the block.  I'm still evaluating this one, which comes in both Amiga and Windows 95/98 versions!  Good support for classic AH box games; many advanced features such as ASCII turn records.  Be aware that the Wargame Processor is shareware, the fee being $25 US the last time I looked.  Sean is very "engaged" with this product; and supports it in a professional manner.   UPDATE: Sean recently lowered his shareware fee to 25 from 32 dollars after doing a little "market survey."  Click here for screenshots from Advanced Third Reich, War and Peace, Afrika Korps, and Victory in the Pacific.
Christopher Goldfarb's Global Warfare PBeM Aid is now called WARPLANNER.   Find out for yourself at his site.

Speaking of Cards.....

Aide De Card is Don Stone's DOS based electronic card playing utility designed to assist in card play over email.   To use AdCrd, you have to create a card deck file in ASCII.  Users then use the DOS executable to "shuffle" and "deal" the hands.  This is a great idea and can be used for a stand-in for Aide De Camp's cardplaying utilities.   As impressive, in its own way, as Cyberboard and/or V_Map.  Shareware, fee is $10 US.  Site has downloads for We The People, Hannibal, and Rise of the Luftwaffe card decks.

Automated Card Tracker is a new shareware product from Warhorse simulations.  ACT maintains card decks for Avalon Hill games We the People and Hannibal (more of these are in work).

Sources of Games

Lofthouse Boardgame Discussion forum (a lot of trading done on this BBS)

Mike Dean's Fine Games for Players and Collectors is a vendor site.  Prices are good, and MD has several Metagaming micros.

Boulder Games is a great postal vendor of games.  I've dealt with Jim for years and recommend him without hesitation.

E-Bay is a great place to pay "market prices" (whatever that is) on games... I've found many micros and regular sized games there.  Just search for Task Force, or Metagaming, or Steve Jackson Games, etc...

Game Design/Generic Game Pages

Game Design Workroom

The Game Cabinet

Boardgame Support Pages for Individual Board Wargames

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