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The Aide De Camp II Section

One of the finest PBeM programs (and the first and most commercially succesful) is a product from HPS Simulations called Aide De Camp.  Nick Bell's webpage (Die Hauptkampflinie), in particular, supports Aide De Camp in a thoroughly professional manner.  Apologies for any repetition of his material...

Note that many of the current board wargame companies prefer to vend their own ADC modules and will (likely) take a dim view of free distribution of such.   Fortunately for us, they don't charge much for the gamesets!  Here is a listing of current commercial offerings, courtesy of Nick Bell's site:

Clash of

The Gamers



Moments In


* Decision Games own the copyrights to many former SPI publications.  Check their listing first.

In addition, John Kincaid tends a list of commercial gamesets he maintains online.

Here are some of the better links for Aide De Camp Support:

Title/Link Created In: Gamebox/Gameset By:
Norman Conquest Games uses ADC2 to create PBeM games for customers. Commercial Products Aide De Camp II
  • Jason Lee Poultney (and others)
Die Hauptkampflinie Play by Email Support Page Aide De Camp II
  • Various Gameset authors are collected on this page.  Some are commercial sets.   The single best source of ADC sets on the net, period.
Terry Shrum's ADC-only Games Page (Commercial/Freeware Products)


Aide De Camp II
  • Terry is one of the guys that was involved in Fresno Gaming Alliance.   Apparently, this site is designed to sell large scale "monster" game designs in an ADC format.  Lebensraum, the latest one, is available for free download, rules and all!
Alan Emrich's KRIEG home page Aide De Camp II
  • Alan is the developer of Krieg (the boardgame from DG).  He painstakingly created a PBeM module for the game in ADC II, available on this page.
Craig Deaton's The General's Aide ADC II page Aide De Camp II
  • A general site dedicated to ADC support.  Not much there at present.
Advanced Third Reich/Rising Sun/Global War PBeM Support Page
(from the A3R Support Site)
Aide De Camp II
  • If you are into Avalon Hill's A3R/Rising Sun or Global War, this is the site for you.   Has many scenarios and gamesets for the A3R trilogy.

new.gif (1545 bytes)Aide De Camp Hints and Tips available online at the HPS Site...

new.gif (1545 bytes)Games Domain site for patches and updates...

CONSIMWORLD has a lively discussion area for Aide De Camp Developers, in "Boardgaming"