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The Battle of Espinosa de los Monteros was fought high in the Cantabrian mountains on the 10th and 11th November 1808 between Lt-Gen Blake's Army of Galicia and Marshal Victor's I Corps. The battle was part of Napoleon's massive "second" invasion of Spain and although Blake's starved troops fought the victors of Friedland to a standstill it was all in vain as the Army of Galicia could not escape the jaws Napoleon's grand plan.

Espinosa is a freely distributed playtest copy in the Gamers' NAPOLEONIC BRIGADE SYSTEM (NBS).  NBS is a mature combat system that has been published in three games so far: Austerlitz, Marengo, and Jena Auerstadt.

As the Gamers are offering this game free for the download, along with the rules, this counts as an EXCELLENT freebie in my book.  Do give this one a try, NBS is an excellent game system... and you can't beat the price.


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