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Module One: Siege!

Designer: The Perfect Captain



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Spanish Fury: Siege!  is a standalone game in a series of games on 16th Century warfare designed bya mysterious individual known as "the Perfect Captain".  The Captain puts a lot of effort into his work-- the graphics are superb.. and I hope this gamebox is worthy of his efforts.  This module deals with the subject of Siege warfare, it appears to be part of a much more ambitious effort.  In any event, it models a siege nicely. 

The game is free; however, the Captain distributes it with certain conditions.  Therefore, I deem it only just to direct you to HIS SITE to download the appropriate files to print out this game.  Go there anyway; there are some great links there.  Maybe you'll learn something!

What is offered on THIS page is a game module for playing The Perfect Captain's game by email...graphically... using Cyberboard.   Though the game is free (my favorite word in the English language!), you must still respect  copyrights and restrictions concerning his work.  That means whatever restrictions that the Perfect Captain applies to his work, applies to this derivative of it.

The gamebox was designed primarily by me, Walt O'Hara.  Aron Clark contributed several markers for the chart and mapboard to greatly facilitate play by email.

The current version is Version 2.0, incorporating Aron's markers.  You can see a few of them in the chart graphics in the graphics and download column to the right.


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this page copyright 2001 Walter O'Hara
Spanish Fury: Siege! is copyright, 2001 The Perfect Captain.


Counters for Siege!


Part one, Game Charts (Besieging Side)

Part 2, Army Chart (Besieging Side)

Battle Map W/. Units

Cyberboard Gamebox


Download Cyberboard Gamebox
For Spanish Fury: Siege!  V. 2.0