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By Walter O'Hara

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Queen Victoria's Navy (QVN) is a tactical wargame set in the period from 1880 to 1906.   This game is the work of Bruce Biskup and Joshua Howard, the  guys behind the excellent (and admirable) BoneGames Website.   QVN is a further development of an earlier Bone Games game called Sovereign Seas Lite (SSL).  SSL is available free, for the download, at the Bone Games Site.  Queen Victoria's Navy is also free, but you need to email Bonegames to get them to send it to you.  As is the case with ALL Bonegames, you must have Adobe Acrobat's PDF Reader installed on your machine in order to view or print the rules.   As I am an admirer of QVN (and would like to play it versus a human sometime), and Bonegames in particular, I decided to create a PBeM utility for it.  Users are cautioned that this gamebox supports the current, public beta version of QVN-- I have no knowledge of any changes Joshua and Bruce will make with this game subsequent to making this box available to you.  If you like QVN and find this gamebox helps you.  Pester Bonegames with your suggestions for improvements-- they have made this beta version available in order to get feedback from you.

NOTICE: This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

Visit the Cyberboard website by following this link

QUEEN VICTORIA'S NAVY is copyright, Bone Games, 1997.

Designer: Joshua Howard and Bruce Biskup

Editing/Development: Joshua Howard and Bruce Biskup

Playtesting: YOU!

BoneGames License Information


  1. ADVANTAGE DETERMINATION (simultaneous-- but 1 player can roll for both)
  2. SHIP SPEED DETERMINATION (simultaneous)
  3. TORPEDO MOVEMENT (simultaneous)
  6. GUNNERY COMBAT (simultaneous)

My best guess on how to handle this sequence would be a Si-Move concept, as illustrated on the PBeM Emporium main page.  The current advantaged player determines advantage for the next turn at the end of the turn (phase 7) and either process the next turn or mails it to the other player.  In general,

The Action

Fleet Maneuvers for QVN

The graphic above illustrates some of the features of this gamebox.  A portion of the Great White Fleet has a fracas with the Imperial Navy of Admiral Togo's era.   They've fired torpedoes, and the Japanese are rapidly trying to avoid destruction.   The map I created is pretty huge-- 70 hexes by 70 hexes, which should be enough sea room for anyone at this scale of engagement.  The game itself comes with a generic "grey fleet" and a generic "white fleet."  I have expanded this to include fleets for the following nations:

The turn markers were kind of a puzzler... I decided to include them in the gamebox as both markers (which can be used over and over again, but can't be rotated like pieces) and counters.  I added several more counters for turning than come with the game, making large fleet actions possible.  Probably overkill, but that's the beauty of PBeM utilities... you can add as much as you like to a game design!

The Spreadsheet (Ship Control Logs)

Click to View Ship Control Log PDF File

As I did with the Battlewagon gamebox, I have added a spreadsheet to keep track of the Ship Control Log.  This information changes too swiftly and it is terribly tedious to try to incorporate such maleable information within a gamebox.  I also include a PDF file to print out control logs for yourself.

Turn Record


How to get the files

Download Gamebox:

Download it... today!

ZIP file contains XLS file QVNShips, Queen Victoria's Navy.GBX and QVNShips.PDF.  Scenarios not included but they are listed in the PDF file for Queen Victoria's Navy.

Game Availability:

Excellent.  BoneGames will send you a copy upon request.

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This page content copyright, Walter O'Hara 1998