Recap, Page One: Setup of the Race Course

GENERALLY, the course looks like this:

Map of Wabash Indiana and Environs

Note this is merely a notional map, depicting roughly where things were in relationship to one another, and is not to scale.  The actual course was narrower than this map shows.

The Spoilers on the Course were:

The Armed Wing of the International Vegetarian Society (in boat on Wabash River)
The Crazed Chinese Jingal Team (Hiding in the loft of the White Barn).
Ethan, the Very Depressed Amish Farmer, hiding in Brown Barn.
Chainsaw Bob, the Disturbed Civil War Vet, near the lumber yard.
"Audrey" the Carnivorous Plant grown by the Wabash College of Agriculture (near the white barn).
The Elite Prussian Hat Cannoneers, under orders from the Kaiser, at the Retractable Bridge Demonstration.
"The Kaiser's Insurance Policy", a squad of infantrymen hiding in the cabbages.
Two Mysterious Snipers, one high on the Tor and one hidden. 
Santa, in the outhouse.
Crazed Klown Posse with acid filled pies, roaming streets of Wabash.

Additionally, there were mad doctors on the grounds of the Collegium, should any unfortunate venture there.

Hiram Steerforth, The Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, and other Race Officials adjudicated the race in a mini-zeppelin called THE SPIRIT OF INDIANAPOLIS.

Here is our panoramic view of the course.

Looking North:

Looking North

Looking South:

Looking South

Racers were a varied lot, with Egg Chen, known as the Scarlet Mandarin, joined by Elwood Dowd on his roly-poly machine, Hidreema Djeenie on the Flying carpet, The Big Spikey Thing driven by Doktor Eevil, PM's delivery van, the Gator Bus driven by the Gators, mostly, but nominally Seamus O'Toole, The Galvanic Rat Wheel driven by Ratman and his charming assistant Lulu, Chief Pantagruel riding the Steam Pony, and a host of others.  Most, if not all, slots were full, and I had a few walkups, so many people raced conveyances.  They made quite a colorful crowd in front of the Kaiser's viewing stand.


The Racers Line Up: First View

Another View:

The Racers Line Up: Second View

The starter gun went off, and with a hiss, zap, squeak and rumble, the racers were in motion.

Moving On... We Encounter the First Challenge: Getting Across the Bridge!