One Ring to Rule them All. One Ring to Find them...
Gondor and Sauron
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SPI, Inc.

Designers: Linda & Rob Mosca, Richard Berg

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Gondor and Sauron were battle modules of the much larger semi-RPG, semi-wargame WAR OF THE RING, designed by Richard Berg.  Gondor and Sauron were attempts to cash in on the popularlity of the series (and Berg's parent wargame) by releasing micro-style "Fantasy Capsule" games.

Gondor features the epic battle of Pellenor Fields, which figures large in the last book of the series, The Return of the King. 

Sauron takes us to a time only alluded to in the novels; the end of the Second Age, during the Siege of Mordor.  This is the confrontation where Isildur, Anarion, Elendil and Gil-Galad formed an alliance to defeat Sauron (the first time). 

Both games are not mind-benders; they share identical mechanics with some unique rules designed for specific scenarios.

Included here are PBeM "gamebox" files for Gondor and  for Sauron.  They are designed in Cyberboard, using map scans of the original playing maps and custom counters.  The Gondor map is in four pieces, and, unfortunately, I could not get the scans to meet exactly right.  This isn't a huge problem, there's just a wobbly line of white at the join between the top and bottom right hand side scans.  Treat these like regular hexes and you shall be okay.

These gamebox are provided, free of charge, as a Play by Email tool for wargamers who OWN Gondor and/or Sauron (SPI Inc.).  Users who download this gamebox may NOT resell or redistribute it in any fashion.


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