Quick-and-Dirty VMAP (and SMS) gameset creation instructions

By Todd Zircher

(Webmeister's Comment: This was sent to me by Todd Z to help in the creation of a VMAP set.  Since I'm trying to beef up the SMS/VMAP support side of the site, I offer these instructions to the newbie that doesn't have a clue about how to get started)

How to create VMAP files (this should work for SMS too)

1. Scan (or draw in a paint program) a map.

2. Save as BMP, GIF, JPG.

3. Scan (or draw in a paint program) the counters.

4. Cut-n-paste the counters into the default template. If they won't fit, scale the template up, over lay it, and trim off the excess.

5. Save as BMP, GIF, JPG. Since the template is the default 10r x 16c, that's it-- Ready to load into V_MAP.

Of course, you can go into more detail. But really, that's the quick and dirty of it.