One Ring to Rule them All. One Ring to Find them...
War of the Ring

SPI, Inc.

Designers: Howard Barasch, Richard Berg

Gamebox: Rob Struble

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The Flatpack version... I used to OWN this!!!

War of the Ring  is the huge "big battle/roleplaying" fusion game designed by Richard Berg and Howard Barasch. 

Included here are PBeM "gamebox" files for War of the Ring.  This gamebox is designed in Cyberboard by Mr. Rob Struble, whose work graces this website in other locations.  This gamebox is provided, free of charge, as a Play by Email tool for wargamers who OWN War of the Ring (SPI Inc.) or Middle Earth (SPI, Inc.).  Users who download this gamebox may NOT resell or redistribute it in any fashion.


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A Variant.

Differences between 1st and 2nd edition rules

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War of the Ring