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By Walter O'Hara

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This game is a gem, even if it can be a pain in the neck to play by email (as written).   I've added a wrinkle to the published game sequence, which is pretty interactive to play by email, in the hopes that it might increase the flow of the game.  Winceby is part of the Royalists and Roundhead series, published by the now defunct 3W game company.

The Royalist and Roundhead Game Sequence

Players attempt to change orders by placing an order counter on the Command chart that comes with the game (replicated in the gamebox file).

1. 1st (Phasing) player checks command status. Place an OOC marker on all units OOC.
2. Move all eligible units
3. Non Phasing (2nd) player conducts cavalry charges during 1st Player's movement

1. Fire Combat
a. Defensive Fire: All non phasing (2nd) player units conduct Defensive fire first.
b. Offensive Fire: All phasing units (1st Player) conduct fire attacks.

2. Melee
a) Attacker checks morale of attacking units
b) Defender checks morale of defending units (IF attacker passes step a)
c) Melee combat is resolved

First Player attempts to rally eligible routed units

2nd Player checks to see whether a victory die roll must be made

Well, as you can see this is a highly interactive turn sequence. The main sticking points are listed in italic.  There are two choices possible here to make this game playable in Cyberboard (well, maybe 3).

1. Defer Defensive Fire and Cavalry Charges for the current turn to the Next (2nd Player's) turn, before he can do anything else, while at the same time keeping track of "opportunities" for DF and CC with markers. Pro: provides the complete turn in a sequential fashion Con: hard to track unit changes subsequent to combats.

Charge Def. Fire
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Extra markers included in the game box.

2. Ignore deferring anything and add an email transaction for every phase. Pro: Plays the game as the designer intended it to be played. Con: many emails make for a slow game.

3. (possible?) conduct a part sequential, part simultaneous turn by having the orders phase done by the 1st player, than have the entire movement/combat phase done as a simultaneous blend of two players' moves, like how FWR is accomplished. Then after that Rally and Victory checks can be done by the initiating player.  Pro: Probably the most accurate method.  Con: many email transactions, tedious and confusing to play.  No fun!

I will be playtesting choice one for email play. Any comments or discussion you could add to this effort would be appreciated.  If I come up with a reasonable compromise, I will update this page accordingly.  I recently emailed Rob Markham, the designer, and he states that the first edition of Royalists and Roundheads had a sequential game sequence.  Since I don't own a copy of R&R I, I'll have to research this.    If you own a copy, please email me with the details.

NOTICE: This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

Visit the Cyberboard website by following this link

WINCEBY is copyright, One Small Step, 1995.

Designer: Rob Markham

Development: OSS Staff

The Action

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This screen shot demonstrates the forces arriving on the field of battle at the end of the Royalist player's turn.  Eythin and Henderson place Charge Check counters on Manchester and Cromwell's men, as they are within range.  At the start of the Roundhead player's turn, he removes the markers and charges (if desired).  

Turn Record & Command Charts

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Natch, I include a turn track, as I do in most gameboxes.

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Winceby uses a Command Track to issue orders to troops.  I created one for both sides.

How to get the files

Download Gamebox:

Winceby Gamebox (zipped, scenario file included)

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