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By Rob Struble

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Metagaming published S&S in 1978. Designed by David Ray with great counter art by Pat Hidy, it is one of the best Neolithic wargames ever written. Actually, it's probably the only Neolithic wargame ever written*. S&S is unique in its claim to be more of an anthropological simulation than a strict "wargame." Battles aren't fought simply to see who wins or loses, but to obtain food, goods, goats, or women (it's not very politically correct). Raids, tribal warfare, even mastodon hunting, it's all in there.

Players use points to purchase units. The more effective the unit the more expensive it is. Hunting dogs are relatively cheap. Human units are either armored or unarmored and their weapons range from bare hands to spear, axe, or bow. Player scenarios depict ritual warfare, raiders, migration, and hunting. A special solitaire scenario allows a single player to command a group of hunters attempting to kill a mastodon. Optional rules provide for the use of fire and poisoned weapons.

NOTICE: This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

STICKS AND STONES is copyright, Metagaming, 1980.

Designer: David Ray

Developer:Howard Thompson

The Action

Dogs, Fires, Mastadons... It dont' get no better than this!

The graphic above illustrates some of the features of this gamebox. 

How to get the files

Download Cyberboard Gamebox:

Sticks and Stones Gamebox Download

Game Availability:

Not bad.  Still to be found on Ebay from time to time, and on USENET. 

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* Not Exactly Accurate.  Check out Tribes, which though billed as a RPG, definitely is reminiscient of S&S.

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