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By Walter O'Hara and Robert Struble

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Rivets is one of those great little early era Metagaming titles that probably should be played more than it is.  Let's hope that this page can help with that.  The premise of Rivets is that the two players (though the set(s) are both designed to have multiplayer interaction) program a fleet of ramshackle robots (called boppers) to go out and kill each other.  The challenge is, of course, that most boppers can only handle certain tasks at certain times.... so you can't program Heavy Boppers to slay Light Boppers if they already are programmed to kill JackBots, etc.  This was a game designed not to be taken seriously, and should have lasting replay value.   Rob Struble's gamebox and Mike Finn's gamefile capture the elements of the game nicely. 

NOTICE: The Rivets Cyberboard gamebox was created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

also, Todd Zircher's excellent PBeM Aide, VMAP created the vmap Gamefile.

RIVETS  is copyright, Metagaming, 1979.

Designer: Robert Taylor

Developer: Howard Thompson

The Action

More Fun then a Barrel of monkeys... killer Boppers!

The graphic above illustrates some of the features of this game file.  This picture is from Rob Strubles' Cyberboard gamebox.  The VMAP gamefile featuers a scanned map.

The Charts

PTA Track

PTA Chart This graphic shows a chart for programming Boppers.  This is in the Cyberboard version only.  You will have to use a spreadsheet or text file to track this information in VMAP.

Complex Chart

This is the BCPA Complex chart. It tracks Complex Build Points and Damage.   Again, this is available only in the Cyberboard gamebox. BCPA Complex Chart

How to get the files

Download Cyberboard Gamebox:

Download Rivets.zip

Download VMAP Gamefile (From VMAP Site):


Game Availability:

Fair.  Out of print, still available on Ebay from time to time.

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