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By Walter O'Hara

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I found Lionheart, Parker Brother's game of customizable medieval warfare, in a discount store recently.   I confess I didn't think much of the mechanics at first.  After setting the game up and playing it solitaire a few times, I begin to realize why people like it so much.  Lionheart is flexible and simple... easy to teach and easy to learn.  The 92 plastic soldiers each side gets are quite visually pleasing.  Since I only paid eleven dollars for this game, I feel like I got back quite a bit for my investment!  The mechanics are so simple, I thought this might make a nice candidate for email conversion.  Note that the game is presented in three dimensions, and the best I can manage with a computer is two!  So change your mindset to reflect that each game piece in the Cyberboard version represents one of the Lionheart "troop stands," not individual soldiers.  Thus, instead of repeating the graphics of an archer 4 times for an 4 strength archer unit, I just used the same graphic over and over and used a number to reflect strengths.  Yeah, I'm lazy....

NOTICE: This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

Visit the Cyberboard website by following this link

LIONHEART is copyright, Parker Brothers, 1998.
(all images, the Lionheart logo, and gameart are trademarks of the Parker Brothers game company and Hasbro).  Download and use of this gamebox implicitly suggests the user legitimately owns a hardcopy version of the game.

Designer: Unknown

The Action

You can't see it here, but the cavalry is about to charge from Silver's Left flank!

The graphic above illustrates some of the features of this gamebox. The Gold Side is knocking the stuffing out of the Silvers, with a push up the right.

Dice Mapping

Or, how to map goofy graphic stickered dice to real die roll results!

The graphic above illustrates how I approached the special graphical dice included with the Lionheart game.  Each number in the tan box is a die result from Cyberboard.   This number maps to the dice side in Lionheart (the colored font)

How to get the files

Download Lionheart Cyberboard Gamebox and Basic Scenario

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