New Procedures for the Statement of Intent

Due to some legal pressure, I need to adjust the way I distribute gamesets here.   Please read the following instructions carefully (FIRST).  If you decide you don't wish to follow them then I cannot send you the file you are looking for, it's as simple as that and no hard feelings.

Due to a need to have some documentation on hand to demonstrate to publishers that I am acting in good faith, I will require you to fax me your requests henceforth.  I apologize in advance for the inconvenience but this is a step that will likely prevent me from ever having to shut down the site for copyright infringement.

  1. The link below is to a PDF (Portable Document File) compiled in Adobe Acrobat.   Click on the link.  Your computer will have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (at least) installed to read and print this file.  To get the Reader, click here.
  2. Take the printed file and fill it out, legibly, with a black ink pen.  No Pencils!
  3. Fax the form to the following number: (708) 575-4312
  4. Follow-up with an email to the following address:
  5. I will retrieve the fax, and send you the box you requested immediately.

LINK: Play By Email Statement of Intent: PDF version