GTL Text Editor - A utility for Cyberboard

GTL Text Editor is a Microsoft Visual Basic program designed to easily add formatted text to Cyberboard counters. GTL Text Editor makes it easy to add text, and position the text where you want it. Using GTL Text Editor you can process multiple counters into a GTL file for easy import into Cyberboard Designer.

GTL Text Editor was inspired by Bill Gustafsons "Bill's Cyberboard Utilities."

The Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module is REQUIRED for GTL Text Editor but IS NOT included with the GTLEditorInstall.exe file. If you do not have the Visual Basic Runtime Module on your computer you can download it from either the Microsoft or CNET sites.

Features in this release (2.3)

FIXED IN VERSION 2.3: The scrolling problem which caused the program to crash.

GTL Text Editor