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By Walter O'Hara

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This game is a wonderful alt.history title in a micro format. Freikorps examines the big "what-if" of the Soviet invasion of Germany during the 1920s.  Like a lot of Brian Train designs, Freikorps is very political.  It plays a lot quicker than Arriba Espana and is a good deal more bloody.  I strongly recommend it.

I utilized the same artwork and map artwork that came with the game, simply downloading and converting the map image from the Co-op site and scanning and touching up the counter art.  This box is pretty faithful to the game.  I did add some charts and reinforcement tables to this gamebox for utilities' sake.  In the game rules, there is a lot of references to picking up counters from an opaque cup.  Cyberboard doesn't have a "random draw" method so I made some random charts in Powerpoint and pasted their images into the set as Reinforcement charts.  They also track how many RPs you have left in the different categories.

NOTICE: This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

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FREIKORPS is copyright, Brian Train, 1999.

Designer: Brian Train

Editing/Development: Kerry Anderson and the Staff of the Microgame Co-op

The Action

The Freikorps map

The graphic above illustrates some of the features of this gamebox. The Freikorps (dark green counters) have halted the initial Soviet (red-brown counters) thrust at the border.   A French Entente unit is maneuvering to find a place to attack.  The PNA (blue counters) are lining up to strike the Soviet offensive in the flank.  A city has gone into rebellion and generated a Spartacist (yellow counter) militia unit.  Meanwhile, International voluteers (tan) move to reinforce from Berlin. A konarmiya unit (Soviet Cavalry) advaces along the coast.

Charts I threw in

wpeE3.jpg (31465 bytes)

This is the Replacement Chart (one for the Reds, one for the Whites).   Basically, this takes the place of the "opaque cup" mentioned in the rules.  You roll a dice (via the die roller) corresponding to the numbers in the colored boxes and the results determine what unit comes into play.  If you want to use cards instead, I substituted aces for ones, Jacks for 11s, etc. 

wpeE5.jpg (27339 bytes)

This is a basic consolidation of some of the administrative information needed to play the game-- morale, game turn and air units.

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