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Fury of the Norsemen

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By Walter O'Hara

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I have to hand it to Metagaming, I didn't think you COULD make a game out of sacking medieval towns, but somehow they did it.

FURY OF THE NORSEMEN is copyright, Metagaming Inc 1980.

Designer: Kevyn Hendryx

This gameset is pretty close to how the designer wanted it.  I goofed on the map a bit, I think I'm off by a hex in the placement of some terrain items.  This doesn't really affect game play.  The major objectives of the game are still there, pretty much where they are supposed to be. 

Fury of the Norsemen Turn Sequence
Review the Previous Turn Replay
1. Viking Player Movement
2. Viking Player Combat/Capture
3. Viking Player fire setting

Send the *.gam file to your Villager Opponent
4. Village Player movement
5. Village Player combat

Send the *.gam file to your Viking Opponent

The Action

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The graphic above shows a hairy moment for Western civilization as we know it.   The Vikings (in blue) are invaded a town in Europe somewhere.  The villagers (in white) have raised two units of militia to meet them, as well as the local knight, abbot, and local monks.  It looks as if the Vikings intend to hit the stables to loot horses, steal some wheat and girls, and head out.

How to get the files

Download Gamebox:

Fury of the Norsemen Gamebox (zipped)

Download Scenarios:

None that I know of.

But WAIT!  There's MORE!

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