Bulge, D-Day, Gettysburg, and now Battle of the Bulge

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By Walter O'Hara

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NOTE BENE: I've created an ILLUSTRATED OPTIONAL RULES AND CLARIFICATIONS page for Gettysburg 88 on Fortune City, based upon the excellent article in THE GENERAL, Vol. 29, No. 4 (see the link, bottom of this page).   I'll be on the lookout to add material for the cavalry battle, as well, as soon as I get my hands upon the article.  Another great use for Cyberboard

The Gameboxes represented on this page are the work of George Manousakis. These games (D-Day,Gettysburg, and Battle of the Bulge) are classic board wargames published by Avalon Hill.   They are among the most popular wargames published by Avalon Hill and have been reprinted/republished several times.  These particular gamesets represent the American Heritage/Smithsonian editions.

Note: You can find these games in most hobby shops, even the more fashionable "mall gaming shops."

This Gamebox is created using Dale Larson's excellent Play By Email utility, Cyberboard (the poor man's Aide De Camp!)

Visit the Cyberboard website by following this link

D-Day, Gettysburg and the Battle of the Bulge are all copyright, the Avalon Hill Gaming Company, inc..

As far as I can determine, you can follow the game sequence in the rulebook as written with this gameset, no special turn tracks are required.

The Action, D-Day

DDay1943Setup.jpg (93695 bytes)

The graphic above illustrates the setup for the 1943 scenario that comes with the game.   This is a true boardgame to electronic conversion.  The map is scanned, making for a large file, but it's worth it-- this set duplicates the boardgame experience exactly! 

The Action: Gettysburg Day 3 Scenario

GburgDay3Setup.jpg (128112 bytes)

Is this the Union fishhook?  This is the Day 3 scenario for Gettysburg 88.   Again, everything covered in the game itself is replicated here. 

Action: Battle of the Bulge Scenario 2

actionBulge.jpg (23881 bytes)

Some pretty tense moments in the Ardennes...

How to get the files

Download Gamebox:



Battle of the Bulge

Setup Charts for Gettysburg done as JPEGs and as a single, combined PDF File.
(I always lose my setup cards for this game.  By creating electronic copys of the setup,
I'll always have a copy.  Perhaps you'll find it useful, too).

Gettysburg Union Setup (JPG)
Gettystburg Confederate Setup (JPG)
Gettysburg full setup (Adobe Acrobat file, printable)

Download Scenarios:

Scenarios are included with the gameboxes.  George did a fantastic job supporting these games.

But WAIT!  There's MORE!

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This page content copyright, Walter O'Hara 1998