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By Walter O'Hara

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You just can't get enough ancient ship games under your belt.  First Ram Speed, now Chicken of the Sea.  Chicken of the Sea (CotS) is a low complexity, high replay factor microgame designed by the redoubtable Richard Berg.  CotS was originally published in Gamefix magazine, and is now being sold as a separate microgame for $4.50US.  In my opinion, that's quite a bargain.  After adjusting for inflation, compare that to the Microgames of the late 70s/early 80s that sold for $2.95...

CHICKEN OF THE SEA is copyright, Game Publications Group, 1994, copyright subsequently reverting to One Small Step, Inc.  Visit the One Small Step Website (see below) for ordering information.

Designer: Richard Berg
Development: Kirk Schlesinger, Dave Wood

This gameset is about 100% on target as far as the countermix/map goes, I added more speed counters and made them 1-sided (I'm not limited to 200 counters in Cyberboard, after all).  

The Action

Enemy in Sight!

The graphic above shows a Roman fleet that might have suceeded in achieving surprise on the Carthaginians.

Turn Track

I also added a turn track to keep track of the email sequence. Email R means Email Romans.  Email C means Email Carthagenians.

Turn Track

How to get the files

Download Gamebox:

Chicken of the Sea Gamebox (zipped)

Download Scenarios:

There is only one historical setups for CHICKEN OF THE SEA and this is it.

But WAIT!  There's MORE!

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