By Mike and Walt

Thursday, May 01, 2003


The following is a Psycopath PBEM Game of CM that I am participating in. Updates as they happen! The name of the game is Xianjian.

Mike's GM instructions follow:

Lane 1: Kongus Minimus (blue) - Chris Wimbrow -  cwimbrow@bellsouth.net
Lane 2: Justinian (green) - Justin Sadler -  jsadler2000@hotmail.com
Lane 3:Mediocrates (yellow) - Walt O'Hara -  hxxxxr@hotmail.com
Lane 4: Callimacus (purple) - Richard Keenan -  ri8924@aol.com
Lane 5: Maximillion Flips (orange) - Martin Gilbey -   Martin.Gilbey@SiteStream.biz
Lane 6: Noxious Vapus (red) - Steve Turner -  psycho-steve@ntlworld.com
Lane 7: [Late Entrant] (white) - Fede Hermo - fhermo@most.com.ar

(Here is a link to the starting positions graphic for this game)

You will all have received (except Fede) your own individual results of your preparation points. When I have Fede's prep points sorted, then I will let you all have details - but if you have the rules you will have been able to sort out your own from those. As a reminder, you can download the rules from
http://www.boardgamegeek.com/viewfile.php3?fileid=2116 orhttp://pbem.brainiac.com/cm/circus_maximus_rules.doc

I said the HOUSE RULES would be brief - they are briefer than you think, because they follow below and are really to do with what I need from you each turn, and the sequence of events that will then take place. I had originally started typing out great chunks of information and realised that I was wasting my time - you are better off reading the actual BASIC rules as these will help you far more.


1. At the start of each turn I will need from you the following information: (a) your proposed turn speed (this should not exceed the total speed/hit points of your horse team) (b) a decision as to whether you wish to use your whip on your horses this turn (c) a preference list for attacks - i.e. who do you want to hit (e.g. Justinian), and how (e.g. Ram)? (d) for each attack, how vindictive do you want to be? You can make up to three attacks against any chariot in any turn, following them if they evade. If you wish to follow an evading chariot you must specify this in your orders. (e) A preference for the lane you wish to finish in (f) Your defence preferences. These can be made conditional on the identity of the attacking chariot and/or the type of attack. e.g. Brake if Justinian uses his whip on me, Evade if Noxious rams me, otherwise Hold It will help if you provide your orders exactly in the format above.

2. Movement and attacks will be made in random order. I will use the dice server to determine the order of play in the same way as I have done for your starting lane.

3. In the event of an NMR, the chariot concerned will move forward at its maximum turn speed and make no attacks. It will move outwards rather than enter a corner above safe speed. If attacked it will stand and take the attack.

4. I will do my best to advise you about the rules if you ask questions about your proposed moves. I will interpret your orders and make your move for you to the best of my ability. Sometimes I may screw up. Tough. I will be doing my best for you each turn and whatever decisions I do make please accept them gracefully. For any dice throws I will use the dice server. Remember the GM's decision is final!

5. You are free to make/break alliances to gang up on stronger charioteers as you see fit - there are no rules to govern your behaviour! Press is actively encouraged! Erm, yes, that's really it! May the best charioteer win! We just need to hold our reins a little longer while Fede sorts out his preparation points. I'll then send out a set of starting stats for each of the participants so that you know who/what you are dealing with! By the time you read this, Xingjian should also be up on the site!

Can't wait!

cheers MIKE

Walt O'Hara is an avid pbem gamer, charioteer and the webmaster of the PBeM Emporium, among other things.

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