Here are a few items I've collected over the years that facilitate playing Circus Maximus.



General Article

The Avalon Hill GENERAL magazine published an excellent follow-on article by Alan Moon and Don Greenwood, outlaying a host of variations and add-ons for CM.  Recommended.  In RTF, on the Geek.

Circus Maximus Printable Mapboard (PDF File)

Recreate the map board, which I'm sure is worn down to a nub.  Available on the Boardgame Geek site.

Circus Maximus Rulebook

The whole Kahuna, available here.

Action Reference

A nice handout for racers, outlining action costs in movement points.  PDF file, on the Geek.

PDF Racing Logsheet

Courtesy of Mitch Scwartz.  Sooner or later, you are going to run out of racing log forms.  When that happens, you can print a new one here.  You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (free) installed first, though.

Circus Maximus
Computer Game

I bet you didn't realize this existed, did you?   Well, it's an ugly little spud by today's standards, using ASCII style graphics.  However, it models the game wonderfully (though I can't figure out how to change lanes, and attacking is clumsier than the boardgame).  If you like the boardgame, you'll love this. Click here for a thumbnail picture of the game in action.

Note:  Steve R. Schacher sent me the following msg. in response to the above statement: "I see in your comments that you haven't figured out how to change lanes in this game.  Is this still true?  If so, press the INS key to get a relative movement command list.   I noticed on my PC that it wants CAPS LOCK on and to use the numeric pad INS and DEL keys, as well as the arrow keys. Hope this helps."

It sure does, Steve, Thanks!

Circus Maximus
Cyberboard PBeM
Playing aid

If you don't know what Cyberboard is, visit the PBeM page by clicking on the link in the menu bar.  Not surprisingly, Multiplayer PBeM games of CM are a hoot, and you'll need this module to make it happen.  Only supports 8 players, but experience is rapidly teaching those of us who play PBeM games that "8 is enough!"  Compliments of Giusseppe Rossini.

Circus Maximus PLAYER AID CARD

Terminal City Gamers Website player aid-- zipped PDF file