"The Morris File"

The following series of pictures were taken by a friend of mine, Harry Morris, on Saturday night-- apparently at two or three different times during the evening.  Click on the picture of interest to see the extra large version.


The Mean Streets of Wabash The Mean Streets of Wabash, looking South
MORE Streets of Wabash

More of the Streets of Wabash.  The young lady is the pilot of the
Vampire Coach.

The Racecourse looking South Looking South Down the Wabash River.  The referee attempts to describe the finer nuances of conveyance racing to the spellbound audience.
Unicyclists get no respect in the Cirque A collection of Unicyclists.  the racer in the gold colored uniform is the notorious Captain Munoz.
Sauron gazes on in disbelief as Professor M's delivery van falls behind Sauron gazes in disbelief as his intricate PROFESSOR M's DELIVERY VAN actually falls behind!
The Dragonfly A Somewhat nicer view of the Gossamer Dragonfly.  You can just make out Audrey, the Carnivorous plant, on the right, and giant cabbages in the background.
In Front of the Collegium The Bend in Front of Collegium that caused so much trouble.  In the extreme foreground, you can see just how little room the winner, Hal Dyson, had to maneuver in when he went for broke on the last turn.
Three Kinds of power Three kinds of motive power are demonstrated here: Supernatural (the flying carpet), Galvanic (Professor Ratman's rat powered flywheel, background); and Human powered (Ali-Assassin 's pennyfarthing).
Another look at the grandstand Another view of the grandstand, this time with evidence of a recent Gator attack.  Kelvin's gator bus has passed through.
The Spirit of Indianapolis A nice closup on the Spirit of Indianappolis, carrying the LT Governor of Indiana acting as referee.  His clockwork butler, Hobkirk, pilots the zeppelin
Evil Clowns Cavorting Evil clowns cavorting... no game should be without them.  Part of the fair of Progress.  THe gypsy teller's tent is in the background.
Front View, Collegiuem The Collegium of Infernal Medicine, Wabash, Indiana
Santa has presents for all GOOD little girls and boys. Often overlooked, there are POSITIVE spoilers too... such as Father Christmas, who will bestow extra EPs right when a racer needs it.